Towne Storage Cottonwood Heights, UT

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Towne Storage
7183 S Union Park Ave

Cottonwood Heights
5.0 stars 25 Reviews

From the West:


  • Travel East on I-215  
  • Take Union Park Ave. Exit 9
  • Turn slight Right onto Union Park Ave.
  • Drive past Towne Storage to next light, make a U-turn and approach Towne Storage on the East side of Union Park Ave.
  • Towne Storage is at 7183 S Union Park Ave.


From the East:

  • Travel West on I-215
  • Take Union Park Ave. Exit 9
  • Turn Left and proceed as described above
  • Towne Storage is located South, behind the Old Navy and Barnes and Noble stores
  • Towne Storage is directly across the street from Starbucks, Quiznos, and Cyprus Credit Union, and East across the street from Walmart

801.938.7536 801.948.3173
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